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Drug and Syringe

Routine care

The best way to treat disease is to stop our pets getting sick in the first place! We offer a range of preventative health care services to help keep your pet as healthy as possible.

We believe regular health checks are especially important so we can diagnose and treat conditions as early as possible which leads to more successful outcomes. Regular check-ups also give your pet time to bond and form a relationship with our staff so when they are sick and stressed, they are being treated by professionals they know and trust.  Our preventative services include vaccination, titre testing, parasite treatments, faecal egg counts, neutering, dental checks and raw food consultations. You can also spread the cost of these treatments by signing up to our health care plan.

We understand that some pets may find a vet visit stressful, if you have an anxious pet please let us know so we can accommodate their needs. We also have a separate waiting room and consult room for cats!

We offer a FREE NEW HEALTH CHECK with every new registration as our way of saying thank you! This is a great opportunity to get to know each other and discuss any worries or pre-existing conditions!

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Puppy & kitten packs

Getting a new puppy or kitten can be daunting, you want to make sure that you are doing everything right! To help we have put together a puppy and kitten package to cover their health needs for their first 6 months of life. The packs are amazing value at just £49!

We offer a FREE HEALTH CHECK for every new puppy and kitten, we advise bringing them to see us as soon as you can so we can check for any pre-existing conditions such as heart murmurs or umbilical hernias and discuss diet and vaccination protocols.

Our packs include:

  • Second vaccination

  • Kennel Cough vaccination (puppies only)

  • Five weeks’ free pet insurance

  • First flea, worm and tick treatment

  • A monthly weight check with our nurse

  • A 6-month developmental check with our vet

  • A beginner raw food consultation (optional)

  • 4 free days of puppy day care (puppies only)

  • Free entry to puppy learn and play party (puppies only)


Terms and conditions

• Package available to puppies and kittens under 16 weeks.
• Package available for named puppy/kitten only.
• Package is non-refundable and cannot be transferred between pets.
• Package is valid for 12 months.
• Package does not include Chlamydia or Rabies vaccinations.
• Your pet must be healthy and free of disease to activate free

  insurance. We cannot activate free insurance if you already have a 

  policy with the insurance company. You must ask reception to

  activate the policy, it will not be done automatically.

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Titre testing

Why titre test?

The veterinary industry agrees that vaccines are necessary but the frequency in which they are administered is often debated. In particular, the recommendation to administer core vaccines (Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Distemper) to adult dogs every 3 years.

It has now been shown that duration of immunity after vaccination with MLV vaccines for most animals will be many years or a lifetime, based on challenge and serological studies (Schultz et al. 2010). If an animal already has a protective level of immunity, further vaccination will not be required.

VacciCheck is a rapid and affordable option to check antibody levels for the core diseases, it provides easy to interpret results which determine whether your dog has a protective level of immune response or whether they need revaccination.

This is supported by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Guidelines, which state that an animal that returns a positive titre has a protective level of immunity and therefore does not require revaccination.

There are several ways titre testing can be beneficial to determine a dog’s antibody levels of the 3 core diseases:

  • To determine when it is optimal to end a vaccine series

  • After a vaccination to indicate immunisation success was achieved

  • To determine if a booster is required

  • To ascertain existing protection for a lapsed vaccination program

  • To test a stray/abandoned animal with no clinical history

  • To test animals on immunosuppressant treatment

  • Can be used as part of an annual health check program (Holistic health plan)

  • Can help with minimising the risk of adverse effects of vaccinations

  • Reduces the risk of over-vaccination consequences 

  • Quick results


Titre testing involves a full clinical exam and blood sampling from the leg or neck. We will then run the test and email the results and interpretation to you. The cost of titre testing is £50 or free as part of our holistic health care plan.

If your pet requires re-vaccination the cost of the vaccine is reduced to £15 (usually £47) or free as part of the holistic health plan.

Faecal egg counts

A Faecal Egg Count or FEC counts the number of worm eggs in your pet’s faeces. The results are presented as ‘eggs per gram’ (epg) of faeces. The number of eggs is an indication of the number of adult worms in the gut of your dog or cat. Lungworm screens are slightly different as they look for live larvae in the faeces.

A faecal egg count can:

  • help you to decide whether you need to worm

  • tell you if your worming regime is working (chemical or natural)

  • give you information about the amount of contamination going into your environment.


If you have chosen not to worm your pet or use a natural wormer, we advise performing a faecal egg count for worms and lung worm every three months. At risk animals such as puppies, immunocompromised animals and those living in lungworm prevalent areas should be tested every two months.

Three monthly egg counts are included as part of our holistic health care plan. Getting your pet tested is easy, just collect your test kit from reception, follow the instructions and post the sample in the pre-paid envelope provided. Your pet’s results will be emailed to you, if there are any eggs or larvae present, we can advise on an appropriate treatment plan.

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