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Does my dog have to attend every day?

No not at all, we have dogs who attend 5 days a week however mostly are one to two days per week. We normally ask for a one day a week commitment; this enables us to build up a great relationship with your dog. However, it's not set in stone and we can work around your work rota and individual requirements. 


Do you accept all breeds?

Yes! All dogs are welcome. As part of our pre-assessment questionnaire we will ask you if your dog has shown any aggression to other dogs or people. If your dog is aggressive then he/she may not be suitable for day care.

Is my pet supervised during day care?

Yes, there is one creche assistant per 6-10 dogs, they will make sure your dog feels safe and comfortable at all times, and of course, have lots of fun!


I have a small dog; will they be safe?

Some small dogs absolutely love playing with big dogs, but just in case they don’t we have the ability to separate smaller dogs into a separate area so they can play with their smaller friends! We will only let them do whatever they are comfortable with and we will never allow a dog of any size to be bullied.


What happens at the assessment?

When you inquire about our services you will be invited to one of our free 'meet and greets,' these usually take place Monday through Friday between 5pm and 6pm. This gives you and your dog the opportunity to have a look around our facilities and for us to assess if your dog is suited to Vet crèche. On arrival we shall sit down and discuss your dog and their needs. We will explain to you the facilities we have at Vet crèche and what generally happens on a daily basis. We then invite you and your dog through to our day care hall to have a look around. It is important that any dog attending an assessment is given plenty of time and space to get used to the new surroundings. Your dog will be introduced to a one or two of our regular day care dogs at first and then will slowly be introduced to more dogs as they settle in. After this assessment period we can tell you if your dog is suitable to be a vet crèche day care dog!


What if my pet has special medical or dietary needs?

We can accommodate any pet who is on medication or a special diet. If your dog usually has a lunch in the middle of the day we can give this to them in their individual pen during nap time (12-2pm). Adele the vet can administer any medications, even injections. We will ask if your pet has any specific food allergies and make sure these are not contained in the treats we use for training. We also have fridges and freezers for storing raw food!


Do you offer services to older pets?

Yes, all ages of dog are welcome! Our shock absorbent flooring is much easier on the joints of older dogs who might have arthritis. We will place them in an appropriate playgroup which reflects their energy levels and mobility, or if they like to relax alone they can lounge on our comfy couches and nap all day!


What if my dog becomes ill at day care?

The beauty of having a vet-led day care is that if your pet is showing any signs of illness Adele will be there to address it straight away. Adele will give you a call if she has any worries about your pet for example a bit of vomiting or scraping a pad. Adele will always call to obtain your consent before giving any treatment unless it is an emergency situation.


Can I come and visit the centre before I book my dog in?

Of course! We can arrange tours in the evenings or weekends. We prefer to do tours when the majority of day care dogs have gone home, this is because new people entering the day care space cause a lot of excitement and can disrupt a calm group! If you want to bring your fur baby down for a play whilst we show you around, please bring their vaccination card with you. We also have live camera feeds throughout the centre which you are more than welcome to watch at any time during the day.


What hours do you operate?

We are open for day care Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.30pm. We ask all dogs to be dropped off by 9.30am. Dogs that are only in for a half day can be collected between 11.30-11.50am or after nap time at 2-2.30pm. No collections can be made during nap time (12-2pm) so we do not disturb our sleeping babies! Dogs that are in for the full day can be collected anytime from 2.30-6.30pm. If you think you will be late to collect your dog, please notify us.


How do you handle my dog throughout the day?

We believe in only using positive and non-aversive training methonds with our dogs. We never raise our voice to our dogs, always calm, and consistent handling. We have weekly professional development sessions with our mentor Clare Russell of 'Clare Russell Teaching Dog's' an extremely experienced, established and respected leader in her field.

Are you insured?

Yes, our facility and staff are all fully insured.


Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, we ask you to book your dog a place in advance, this is to make sure we can maintain safe handler to dog ratios at all times.

Frequently asked questions