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What is dog day care?

Dog day care is a supervised, safe and controlled environment for your dog to have fun in, play, relax and socialise with other dogs. At vet crèche we understand the difficulty of juggling work, children and life’s obligations while also trying to provide your dog with the love, attention and training they need to become a well-mannered, social and happy dog. This is where we can help!

Taking dog day care to the next level!

Dog Day Care Glasgow

We have created a luxury day care based on industry leading centres in the USA; we have special features including:


  • A large 5000 square foot facility!

  • Shock absorbent rubber flooring

  • Large indoor and outdoor exercise areas

  • A bespoke cosy nap room with individual sleeping pens and relaxing music

  • Separate puppy area

  • Quiet zones for our elderly clientele!

  • Designated toileting area and toilet training

  • Trained and dedicated creche assistants

  • An onsite groomer 

  • An onsite vet! 

      A typical day at vet crèche:

  • 7.30am - 9.30am  check in time and open supervised play with your pals!

  • 9.30-11.30am: 1-2-1 or small group training with the clicker!

  • 12pm - 2pm  time for a well earned snooze and maybe a spot of lunch in the nap room

  • 2pm - 4pm lets use that brain with some agility or scent work

  • 4pm - 6.30pm  chill out and home time!​

What are the benefits of day care?

For your dog:

  • Training - our day care manager Laura and her assistants are on the floor with the dogs every day, which means as well as playing they are also learning, we can shape good behaviours that you can re-enforce at home!

  • Fulfilment - we can prevent the boredom, loneliness and destructive behaviour associated with being left at home. Did you know that as many as 85% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety when left at home?

  • Safety - we provide a safe and fun place for your dog to socialise with different dogs and people. They will learn how to approach other dogs and play appropriately, all under veterinary and trainer supervision!

  • Diversity – we have different areas your dog can play in both inside and outside, we can also vary our play by teaching tricks, agility and scent work so your dog will be mentally stimulated every day.


For you:

  • Peace of mind – no working parent guilt and the knowledge that your dog has had a safe and fun filled day.

  • Convenience – early opening hours from 7.30am to 6.30pm, a pick up and drop off service and an easy online booking system. We also have excellent transport links and are just next to junction 3 of the M77.

  • Affordability – for double the price of an average one-hour dog walk you get 11 hours of expert supervised care each day. We also offer half days and saver package options which reduce the cost per day.

  • Flexibility – routine and consistency is very important to dogs but we do understand that emergencies do occur. If your dog is not booked into day care and an emergency arises please contact us and we will do our best to help you

How is veterinary day care different?


This is the exciting part! Vet crèche is the FIRST dog day care in the UK to be led and directly supervised by a veterinary surgeon! This means that your dog simply could not be in safer hands! Dr Adele Fitzpatrick will be with your dogs every day. This means that we have the ability to treat any ailments straight away and is also ideal for dogs with ongoing medical conditions such as epilepsy, heart disease or diabetes as we can monitor these conditions daily and provide any necessary treatment immediately. 

Not only that, we are also offering extra free of charge  services that you will only be able to get from a veterinary day care, these are:​

A quarterly clinical exam and health assessment – at your request, every three months Adele will perform a full clinical exam of your dog. This will check every body system (cardiac, respiratory etc.) and look for any changes in your dog for example lumps and bumps, weight, dental disease. Adele will then report back to you any significant findings.

A health check at a vet surgery will cost around £30, but Adele will perform this for free! That amounts to £120 worth of checks per year! Picking up any conditions earlier gives a much higher success rate of treatment. By doing this we hope to keep your dog as healthy as possible by catching things before they develop!
The regular clinical exam is also perfect for dogs with ongoing long term medical conditions such as a heart disease or diabetes as Adele will be able to pick up on any deterioration in their condition and report back to you. 

Monthly administration of worm, flea and tick treatment – isn’t it a pain when you forget to give your dog’s their flea, worm and tick treatment? And then there is the worry that you haven’t treated for everything such as lungworm! Then there are the dogs that just hate taking tablets!

Let us take all of this stress away from you. For dogs that are registered at our vets, Adele can prescribe parasite treatment tailored to your dog’s individual exposure risk and then she will administer it for you. You can rest assured that your dog is fully protected without you having to do anything!

A free out of hours’ advice service – if you are worried about your pet in the hours out with day care then then Adele is available at the end of the phone to give you veterinary advice. Your dog will be part of our vet crèche family and Adele will know each dog thoroughly from both a behaviour and medical point of view. We are here to support you especially in worrying times!

An introduction to raw feeding – raw feeding isn’t for everyone and we will put absolutely no pressure on you to switch to raw, however, if it is something you are interested in then Adele will talk you through all the aspects of raw feeding. We offer a bespoke raw consultation and feeding guide in which Adele examines your dog and devises a feeding plan taking into account activity levels, weight, food intolerances and allergies.

What are the requirements to come to day care?

  • Vaccination – for the medical safety of our dogs we require all of our day care dogs to be up to date with their vaccinations including kennel cough. If you are worried about over vaccination, we will accept antibody titre test results as proof of immunity for distemper, parvo and hepatitis. Luckily Adele can perform all of these for you! 

  • Neutering – with regard to neutering we assess every dog on an individual basis. We believe in allowing dogs to fully grow and develop before they are neutered. For small dogs this is usually around 9-12 months old and for large dogs this is usually around 12-18 months old. We advise waiting for a female to have one season before she is neutered. If any individual dog is displaying any problematic hormone related behaviours before this stage we will flag this up and have a discussion about the most appropriate time for neutering. 

  • Temperament assessment – every dog that joins our pack will be invited to a 'meet and greet.' This is a basic temperament assessment to make sure they are happy in our day care environment. This will involve a chat about your requirements, registration onto our doggie dashboard system, a tour of the facilities and introduction of your dog to the day care hall and one or two if our regular visitors!

Fetch and play service

If you are unable to drop off your dog or pick them up at the end of the day, then Vet crèche can do it for you! If your busy life makes it difficult for you to bring your dog to us, then we can come to you. Within a 5-mile radius of Vet crèche we can pick up your dog in our fully crated van and return them to you at the end of the day.

If you live further than 5 miles away we will give you an individual price for pick up and drop off depending on your distance from us.  


Simply call the office within 48 hours of your dog attending vet crèche and we can make arrangements to pick up/drop off your dog at an agreed location. Please note this service is only available within the hours of 7.30 to 9am and 5 to 6.30pm. This service is usually a pre-booked service, however should you find yourself in need of help at short notice, please give us a call and we will try to accommodate you whenever possible.