Emergency Care

Emergency care is classed as a life threatening or severely painful condition affecting your pet. 


Examples of emergencies are open wounds, choking, difficulty breathing, gagging, non stop coughing, bleeding from anywhere, inability or straining to urinate, injury, painful or closed eyes, poisoning, seizures, staggering, fractures, severe lameness, obvious signs of pain or anxiety, heat stroke, severe lethargy, vomiting or diarrhoea, collapse, weakness, unconsciousness, paralysis, difficulty whelping, and severe allergic reactions. 


If you find yourself in an emergency situation please call to notify us so we can prepare for your arrival. Call when you arrive so we can take your pet from the car. We will assess and stabilise your pet and then we will call you to discuss the treatment plan and estimate of costs. We may have to keep your pet in the practice or arrange transfer to an out of hours service for overnight care. 

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