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Pet Portrait Photography

At Vet Creche we have partnered with Malone Masina, a very talented pet photographer and owner of Classy Dog Studios! 

Malone has spent the last year with us, learning how to interact with dogs on a safe and force free level, gaining knowledge of canine body language and positive training techniques. He has used this knowledge and experience to develop his skill set around dogs so he can capture beautiful pictures of relaxed and happy dogs. 

Pet portrait sessions are held on a regular basis for our day care dogs, owners can then purchase a canvas for £45. If your dog does not go to day care you can arrange a pet portrait session at the studio or on one of our pet portrait events held at Vet Creche! We have been astounded at the sheer beauty and quality of Malone's pictures and his ability to perfectly capture a dog's personality in a single photograph. For more information please call us or visit www.classydogstudios.co.uk