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How will coronavirus affect my pet?

As vets we have taken an oath to protect animal health and welfare. We hope that medically, coronavirus will not affect your pet as our governing body the RCVS has temporarily relaxed the rules regarding remote prescribing.

We are now allowed to prescribe medication without physically seeing your pet which means we can perform telephone and video consultations and post out medication or arrange a contact free collection for non-emergency cases. This ensures that any sick pets are cared for while still maintaining social distancing. If you are not sure if your pet's condition is an emergency please call the vet so they can decide if your pet needs to be physically treated or not.

You will still be able to order repeat prescriptions including parasite treatment, just do so by phone and we can post it out. We may need you to weigh your pet at home so we can make sure our dosing is correct.

For emergency consultations we will take a history by phone and then come to collect your pet from the car park, you will not be permitted to enter the practice. The vet will assess your pet and call you to approve the treatment plan and costs. We will then perform the treatment and arrange a collection time. As always payment will be at collection but over the phone so please remember your card and to keep your phone charged!

Please do not worry about your pet's health during this stressful time, we will make sure they are okay as we always do! It is a very different way of practicing that all vets are adapting to, we cannot wait to be able to see you in person once all of this is over!

Please be kind and stay safe...

Lots of love from the VC team xxx

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