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At this point Adele decided to change Tig and her other two dogs, Fergie and Fidget onto a raw food diet, as Tig already had very soft faeces Adele saw no point in a gradual change and switched straight onto raw food. Within 24 hours Tig started to produce normal, firm, faeces! Also there was no more gas!! In the months following the switch Tig’s dry skin cleared and Fergie stopped licking her feet, two years later they are strong, happy, healthy, well balanced dogs and they haven’t suffered from any medical illnesses. Having seen the improvement for herself and after extensive research into raw feeding, Adele would not recommend any other diet!

Tig is one of Adele’s fur babies! Tig had a hard start in life, at the age of 10 weeks he was diagnosed with a congenital defect to his right kidney and ureter which meant they were both very enlarged and fluid filled and his belly was extremely swollen. Adele adopted Tig and operated on him to remove his affected kidney. Tig made a great recovery and went from strength to strength.

Although Tig was doing well he constantly had stools that were very soft, yellow and difficult to pick up. Tig was originally fed on a dry kibble diet but Adele changed him onto a hypoallergenic wet food hoping it would improve things. The consistency of the stools improved slightly but they were still not ideal and the gas Tig was producing was awful to the point he could clear the living room of visitors! The same could be said for his sister Fergie the French bulldog who also very stinky and constantly licking her feet! The skin along his back was dry and flaky and he was starting to get small plaque deposits on his teeth.