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Our raw feeding consultation is bespoke because it will be individually tailored to your dog. Adele will perform a full clinical examination and assess your dog’s weight and body condition score, she will also look for any signs of illness or allergies and she will have a thorough discussion with you about your dog’s exercise levels, likes and dislikes. If you think your dog may have a food allergy or skin issue, we can perform an allergy blood test during the consultation to obtain a full food profile for your dog.

When Adele has gathered all the information she needs she will create a food plan for your dog. This plan will cover the transition phase to long term feeding. Adele will calculate how many grams you need to feed per meal and will advise which types of protein you should feed and how often they should be rotated. She will advise on when to feed a complete food (containing meat, bone and offal) and when to feed just meat and she will advise on appropriate sized bones for your dog and how often to feed them. She will also teach you how to assess your dog’s body condition score.

Raw feeding consultation

& feeding plan

with Dr Fitzpatrick 

Adele a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society and is delighted to be able to bring to you a totally new service which is our bespoke raw feeding consultation and feeding plan. Not only are we pro-raw and will support your choice to feed raw food, we also want to provide it for you through our vet crèche raw food range and we want to be there to give you any advice and support you need!

Once you are used to raw feeding it is so easy you probably won’t need Adele’s help anymore! But once you have had your consultation Adele will be on hand to give free follow-up advice by email, telephone or in person for as long as you need it.

The consultation will last around 30-45 minutes and you will receive your feeding plan at the end of the consultation. 

The price of the bespoke raw food consultation and feeding plan is £64.99

This includes a follow up consultation when you are nearly finished your first box of food.