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Vet Creche ROAR 

products & prices 

Vet Creche have teamed up with several raw food manufacturers to bring you a tasty selection of raw minces, chunks and raw meaty bones.


Mince is available in a straight product which contains a single protein only. This can be ideal for dogs with food allergies allowing you to control which proteins they eat. We also have mixed mince products which combine two proteins or protein and offal, these are great for adding variety into the diet.


The complete products contain exactly the right amount of meat, bone and offal you should be aiming to feed in an 80/10/10 ratio. These are ideal for beginner raw feeders as you can feed comfortably knowing your dog is receiving a balanced diet. This product can be used continuously but if you are also feeding raw meaty bones (which we do advise), feed a boneless straight or mixed product that day so that the overall bone content isn't to high. Once you become an experienced raw feeder you will be able to monitor your dog's feaces and rotate around the different products. Some dogs can handle higher bone content than others! 


Food allergy testing is available at the practice which will give a comprehensive list of which proteins your dog can eat, we can then tailor the premium boxes accordingly to formulate a truly bespoke diet which your dog will flourish on. Free veterinary advice is always available from Dr Fitzpatrick. To order raw food please email vetcreche@outlook.com or call us on 0141 370 0282.

we currently stock the following raw food producers: 

The Raw Factory     https://www.facebook.com/The-Raw-Factory-Ltd-1590373671029343/

Albion Country Bowl       https://www.albionmeatproducts.co.uk/

Benyfit Natural      https://benyfitnatural.co.uk/

Totally Natural     https://www.facebook.com/Totally-Natural-1788059391451111/

£15.00 for a 5kg box (10 packs)
£2.00 per 500g pack