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Owning a dog is a major responsibility! Training your dog is a long term commitment which should be fun for you and your dog and should strengthen the bond between you. A well trained dog is a happy dog which you can take anywhere with you! 

We offer a range of training courses starting from 8 weeks old all the way through to adulthood. Each course follows on logically from the last increasing you and your dog’s skill set and confidence. Once you have mastered the basics, there is the possibility of moving on to more fun stuff, such as our Rally classes. Our classes are listed below. Please get in touch if you would like to book in for a course! 


Our 3 core training classes, Puppy, Junior and Beginner all run over a 7 week period, In all our classes, we welcome questions about our training and about any problems you may be experiencing with your puppy or dog. Please note that group classes are not appropriate for every dog. This is particularly true if a dog is showing aggression towards people or other dogs. If in doubt, please ask about an assessment with Anne Kelly, our trainer. 



A one  hour puppy socialisation and confidence building class held every other Saturday at 10am! This is a class for new puppies who have had at least one vaccination and are no more than 20 weeks old. Classes will be held in a suitably disinfected area. Each Party will last for 60 minutes divided into 3 blocks consisting of the puppy gym, supervised free play and play between puppy and handler. 

Cost of class £10 

Free entry to one Party is included in our puppy pack. 





This course is suitable for puppies who are fully vaccinated and are under 6 months of age at the starting date. We will explore how dogs learn and how you can teach your puppy using kind, fair and effective training methods. Learn how to teach your puppy to focus on you, to walk happily beside you and to come back to you when called. We teach a range of skills all designed to help your puppy to adapt to living in our human world!  This course is 7 weeks long and is held on a Sunday morning at 11am or Tuesday evening at 7pm. 

Cost of Course- £70* 



A course which follows on from the Puppy Training Class, building on what was learned there and taking the training to the next level. This class is open to dogs aged between 6 months and 12 months at the starting date.  This course is 7 weeks long and is held on Tuesday evening at 8.15pm 

Cost of Course - £70* 


*For people booking the Puppy Training Course AND Junior Class together, the cost of the Junior Class will be discounted to £50. 



This course is for all dogs over the age of 6 months who have not done our Puppy Training Class. A range of training topics will be covered, designed to bring dogs and handlers to the standard attained by our Junior Class. This course is 7 weeks long. The timing of this class can vary according to demand. Please call for further information on course timing. 


Cost of course - £70 






This course is for handlers and dogs of any age who have completed our Junior class and want the opportunity to develop their skills further.  

This course is 7 weeks long. The timing of this class can also vary according to demand. 

Cost of course - £70 



Rally obedience is a competitive dog sport which is growing rapidly in popularity! Each handler and dog team make their way round a course made up of numbered signs each of which details a specific exercise for the team to carry out.  

We have 2 Rally Classes, neither of which currently runs on a course basis. If you are interested in coming along to either class, please phone for further information and cost details.


BEGINNERS CLASS This class is held on Sunday at 12.30pm. It is a requirement of this class that your dog is familiar with a basic level of heelwork and is able to sit and lie down on cue. If you and your dog have not quite mastered those skills yet, but you would like to take part in Rally, enrol in one of our training classes first! 

ADVANCED CLASS is held on Monday evening at 7pm. This class is open to all dogs and handlers who already have experience in Rally. 

  1-2-1 training is available at a convenient location at a cost of £65 per hour  

For more information please call Anne directly on 07968 26890

Classes and training