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What if my pet is sick?

Vet Creche offers a full range of services to treat your pet when they are not well including x-ray, ultrasound, blood work and operating facilities. 

With over 8 years experience in first opinion small animal clinics, specialist referral centers and emergency out of hours clinics, Dr Fitzpatrick is extremely experienced and adept at treating pets from simple scrapes to complicated medical and neurological conditions.

Dr Fitzpatrick has a special interest in treating brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers. Her love for these breeds started when Adele rescued a 10 week old bulldog called Tig and bought a beautiful frenchie called Fergie. Her work with these breeds further developed when Adele became the Scottish Edward Foundation's official veterinarian. Dr Fitzpatrick now performs anaesthetics and surgeries on these breeds every week and has developed her own unique 'brachycephalic anaesthetic protocol' to make her procedures as safe as possible. Procedures available are anything from simple neutering to more advanced soft tissue surgery such as rhinoplasty and soft palate resection.  

In an out of hours/emergency situation please call Vets Now Hospital on 01415303813

or Glasgow Small Animal Hospital on 0845 850 2080 or 01413307690